• UBALL Size 6 Game Ball (Non-Member $20, Member $15)
  • UBALL Size 6 Game Ball (Non-Member $20, Member $15)
  • UBALL Size 6 Game Ball (Non-Member $20, Member $15)

UBALL Size 6 Game Ball (Non-Member $20, Member $15)

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Size 6 UBALL Game Ball - 28.5"

  • NBA Size Rim NBA Size Rim
  • Adjustable Adjustable Height
  • Made of Steel Made of Steel
  • uball Size 6 Game Ball

What’s the difference between UBALL Lite and UBALL Classic?

UBALL Lite is a lighter weight and faster setup version of UBALL Classic. UBALL Lite is anchored by packing the base with sand (for beach use) or by sand pouches (for non-beach use), while UBALL Classic is anchored by a Ground Screw.

How long does it take to setup?

About five minutes.

Does this fit into a car easily?

Incredibly easily. It can fit in the trunk of any car.

Are the sand pouches needed for the beach?

The sand pouches aren’t needed for beach use. You can simply pack the base with sand that is already at the beach. The sand pouches are only needed for non-beach use.

Do the pouches come with sand in them?

Sand is not included with the pouches. The customer can fill the pouches with sand found at any local department store for minimal cost. Each individual pouch fills with 23lbs of sand, so we recommend getting about 120lbs of sand total.

Can I dunk on UBALL Lite?

Yes! UBALL Lite can be dunked on. However, the hoop is not designed to be hung on.

Can I set up UBALL Lite on surfaces aside from sand or grass?

While UBALL Lite was especially designed with grass and sand in mind, the hoop can also be used on other surfaces.