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Product features

  • Asset 23

    Easily Portable

    hoop can be packed up and carried on your back

  • Asset 17

    Setup in Minutes

    hoop is custom-made to be setup in minutes at a beach or field

  • Asset 9

    Adjustable Height

    adjustable 5.5 ft – 8.5 ft

  • Asset 14

    Made of Steel

    to provide ultimate stability and durability

  • Asset 12

    Plexiglass Backboard

    to provide pristine look and performance

  • Asset 16

    Anchored by Steel Ground Screw

    screw goes 16 inches into the ground, capable of holding a 15ft flag pole

  • Asset 10

    2 Game Balls

    the hoop comes with 2 game balls, as well as a setup kit

  • Asset 11


    hoop designed to withstand dunks, not meant for hanging

  • Asset 1

    Custom Engineered Rim

    easily attaches and detaches

How to Play UBall

  • Asset 21

    No Dribbling

    You get three steps before you must pass or shoot

  • Asset 11

    No Out of Bounds

    You can go behind the hoop like hockey or lacrosse

  • Asset 18

    Baskets are One Point

    Half court shots are two points (20 feet from basket)

  • Asset 20

    Half-Court Gameplay (1 hoop)

    Player Count: 2 on 2

    Teams must take the ball back on every change of possession. Set take-back marker 20ft from basket

  • Asset 19

    Full-Court Gameplay (2 hoops)

    Player Count: 3 on 3

    Game begins with tip-off

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